Harvest Fest 


September 18 & 19, 2010


           SATURDAY SEPT. 18th  9:00 AM  -  5:00 PM  



   9:00                       OPENING CEREMONY

                               NOBLE COUNTY SADDLE CLUB COLOR GUARD-

                    POSTING OF COLORS


9:00 -   9:45            ALBION SADDLE CLUB – horse back exhibition -ARENA

9:45 - 10:30            BURR OAK HARMONY PRAISE TEAM

10:30 - 11:00            PUPPET SHOW SET UP

11:00 - 12:00            PUPPET SHOW – Merriam Christian Chapel Puppeteers

12:00 - 12:30            SPELLING BEE SIGN-UP

                                NOTE: If pre-registered at Albion Library, need not re-register

12:30 -   3:30            SPELLING BEE sponsored by

                                NOBLE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY

  3:30  -  5:00            KID’S KARAOKE with BOB (ages 2-15)

  5:00                        END OF DAY


ACTIVITIES in the “CHILDREN’S TENT ” all day,  TRADER’S ROW bring your “left-overs” to sell, trade or barter!, KITE FLYING all day(weather permitting)  


10:00 – 12:00           CAR SHOW CHECK IN

11:30                        HISTORIC WAGON TOUR of ALBION

12:00 – 12:30           CORN HOLE TOURNAMENT – registration

1:00                          CORN HOLE TOURNAMENT – play until finished

2:00                          HISTORIC WAGON TOUR of ALBION

3:00                          CAR SHOW AWARDS

3:30                          HISTORIC WAGON TOUR of ALBION         



9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


  9:00 - 9:45              Sunday Community WORSHIP SERVICE

12:00 - 1:00              INCLOGNITO

  1:00 - 2:00              PUPPET SHOW   Merriam Christian Chapel Puppeteers

  2:00 - 4:00              HARVEST FEST VARIETY SHOW with TOM

  4:00                        END OF FESTIVAL


10:00                        KITE FLYING – outer fields with Dr. Tom Jansen

10:00 – 12:00           CORN HOLE TOURNAMENT SIGN-UP

10:00 – 12:00           MOTORCYCLE SHOW CHECK IN

10:00 – 12:00           “MILK CHUG” CONTEST SIGN-UP

                                sponsored by PRAIRIE FARMS -children’s tent

11:00                        HISTORIC TOUR of ALBION                  

11:00 – 11:30           CORN HOLE TOURNAMENT – registration

12:00                        CORN HOLE TOURNAMENT – play until finished

12:30                        “MILK CHUG” CONTEST-children’s tent

12:30                        HISTORIC TOUR of ALBION

2:00                          OLDE TYME BASEBALL GAME

2:00                          HISTORIC TOUR of ALBION

3:00                          MOTORCYCLE SHOW AWARDS

4:00                          ANNOUNCEMENT of

                                CORN HOLE GAME RAFFLE WINNER

We are working hard to assure for another successful Harvest Fest for all of our vendors. Keep in mind however that we do need some rules to keep the theme of Harvest Fest on line. That will assure success! 

RULES & REQUIREMENTS for the Albion Harvest Fest

The years we have chosen to set our festival (1860 thru 1940's) are wide and varied and today's life is much different, but it is possible to recreate an era with just a few ideas and the proper materials. So here are a few suggestions.

All exteriors of your booth must be covered with material that gives the appearance of the appropriate years. You may use Wood, Canvas, Burlap, Cloth, Straw bales or corn stalks, (dye old sheets with tea), Potato Sacks, Flour Sacks, are all good for masking.

All boxes, metal chairs, storage items need to be covered from view, use old sheets, blankets, burlap, etc. Tables must be covered to the ground with appropriate materials. NO PLASTIC. The Festival Committee reserves the right to ask vendors to remove items not appropriate for sale or any inappropriate decorations.

Costumes of the era must be worn by all booth workers. Trailers constructed for use as a booth will not be allowed unless approved by the festival committee prior to set-up.

We will be pleased to have you as a part of our festival. Get your entry form in early to assure a space. We will work with you in any way possible to make this a success for all of us. 

Make all checks payable to ALBION HARVEST FEST. Sales Tax if applicable are the responsibility of the vendor.

Please review all rules when applying. Crafters not in compliance MAY NOT receive a return application.

Security will be provided on Friday & Saturday night by the Albion Police Reserves.

Each vendor is responsible for removal of all materials in their booth area including decorations and trash. Please leave your area in the same condition as when you arrived.


Interested in being a Crafter or Merchant in a tent?  Click here for information


Interested in being a Food Booth Participant?  Click here for information



Interested in being a Traders Row Participant?  Click here for information




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